Disney Vacation: Need Help Packing?

Disney Packing HelpYour Disneyland vacation is about to sneak up on you! Are you ready? We have a few tips to make your trip more enjoyable. While sunglasses and cameras are at the top of your list, here are a few things that you may not think of and may make your trip that much better.

  1. Neck Wallet: No, you won’t be the only one! This very popular item within the park is actually genius. It not only secures you from those annoying pick-pocketers but it keeps you from having to carry around a purse.
  2. Sunscreen/Hat: You will be spending hours in the sun so be sure to protect your skin. SPF 50 works wonders and be sure to bring it with you inside the park to apply throughout the day.
  3. Water shoes: Walking shoes are a necessity but when water rides come into play, they can be bothersome. Try a pair of water shoes or water wicking socks to keep your feet from becoming prunes or full of blisters.
  4. Ponchos: Nobody wants rain on their vacation but it is inevitable that it will rain at some point. Be safe and pack ponchos. You can get them at your local Wal-Mart or Target for around $2 each. Otherwise, you may be one of the unlucky ones who spend a fortune when it starts to pour and you are inside the park without one.
  5. Snacks: As if you haven’t spent enough on your vacation only to get inside the park and find that food prices are soaring. Be prepared and pack snacks! Protein snacks such as protein/energy bars, beef jerky and granola bars are always a good option. To cut down on drink costs, bring a refillable water bottle also. You will be glad you did!

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